Resuming a crashed polyflow simulation from command line

Hey guys, I was running a polyflow study on our college cluster but the simulation crashed in the last step due to an I/O error. In my Outputs directory, inside the folder cfx, I have transient .trn files as seen in the figure below,


I know that since there is '_full' in the .trn file, it contains the mesh and the transient data. Is it possible to resume my study from command line? I saw the steps to resume it through workbench but I need to know how I can do the same within Linux

The command I used to run the simulation is,

polyflow -th 4 < polyflow.dat > Outputs/polyflow.lst


Thank you


  • ydaiydai Moderator
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    Hello Allenpvar,

        Please refer Poly flow user's guide: 

    5.5.2. Starting an ANSYS Polyflow Calculation from an Existing Results File

    5.5.3. Starting an Evolution or Time-Dependent Calculation from Existing Results and Restart Files

    via the ansys help link:


           The .trn files under cfx/ folder are for CFD-Post's showing each time step results. In polyflow run, it always save (overwrite)  the latest result file .res and restart file .rst (if evolution or time-dependent simulation, which is your case).  When running Polyflow in stand alone mode (not from workbech mode), restarting from these the latest solution files, .res and .rst files, make sure that all .dat, .msh, .res, .rst files are pull into a same directory (folder). Follow the steps in user's guide in section 5.5.2 and 5.5.3, to setup "start from old result and restart files" , and then run polyflow,

    polyflow < your.dat > your.lst

         It will start the simulation from the latest solution.




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