Simulate uni axial, unconfined compression (no extensometer)


I would very much appreciate any help here. I'm having two issues that I hope to resolve.

First, I am attempting to simulate a compression experiment, using as a model the actual microCT scans of real-life scaffolds as my model. I have the ability to either 1) export the thresholded scans as stl files into meshlab, then decimate (I had to decimate 2x, from 4 million faces to 40k) and export as ply, or 2) import raw files into IKTsnap and manually threshold and export the mesh. The latter is causing meshlab to crash, so I'm using the former.

When I import the ply into SpaceClaim, I was able to detect and autofix defects in the facets. I'm not sure what else I need to do here. When I attempt to run an analysis (any analysis), I get an error that the mesh isn't loading properly. Can I have missed something?


Separately, I want to simulate a uni axial compression. The construct is a porous rectangular solid and I want to compress through the long x axis up to a fixed % strain (in this case, 20% of the original height). Could someone please recommend the appropriate function and support to do so? I believe I need a fixed displacement, but am unsure of how to add this and the appropriate support. The real test compressed between two plates by the top plate's displacement and was only supported by the bottom plate.

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