Upgeom command

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Hello I am trying to do a nonlinear buckling analysis of a beam , I am following the method here : (https://www.simutechgroup.com/tips-and-tricks/fea-articles/94-fea-tips-tricks-buckling)

I get very strange results (look attached; the stress-disp curve results are not sensible) 

I was wondering if whether it is the upgeom command that is not working ? and I was wondering if I can see it (visualize it) 


I don't understand why the results are like this ??


  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
    edited April 30

    Hello Asar,

    ANSYS staff are not permitted to open attachments. When you have an image to share, please use the Insert Image button in future posts. I have done that for you below.

    I agree that is a strange result. Please insert an image of the geometry and the loads and supports so we can better understand the model.

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