I face a proplem regarding a 3D &DOF Simulation with Fluent. I manged to solve a Simulation in 2D with a basic turbine. Now i want to solve the Problem in 3D but the turbine does not start to spin due to the forces on the blade created by a inlet velecitiy. I can see the flow coming out of the velocitiy inlet and the velocity magnitude changes with each timestep in the rigid and in the stationary boady. However when the flow reaches the turbine the turbine does not start to spin. 

Since i managed to solve the 2D case I think mybe my mesh method might be wrong. 

Settings I used: 

   Meshing Tool:   

Tetraeder Methode
Contact between two simple cylindrical Faces and Interface was automaticalls recognized in fluent


timestep should be fine based on the 2D problem
k-epsilon-enhanced wall treatment (worked as well on 2D)
rigid body (passiv) for interior that contains the turbine
rigid body (active) for wall of turbine
stationary for domain around the rigid body. It contains the velocity inlet and pressure outlets
in 6DOF settings a basic rotation around the axis createt and used for rigid bodys 
Smoothing is Diffusion 
Layering and Remeshing is not selected. I think it is not needed since my stationary domain around the rigid domain is not deforming or transforming?

I'd be happy for any kind of advice. Unfortunately I couldn't find a lot about 3D &DOF's in the internet.


best regards, Alex

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