Magnetization characteristics and static characteristics of SR motor from Ansys Maxwell

Hello, dear forum users!

I need help setting up parametric analysis.

Briefly depicting the task, the switched-reluctance from Rmxprt to Ansys Maxwell seems to be quietly transferred.

But to make a parametric analysis, having received the dependencies of the following type, it does not work:

Torque vs Position
Inductance vs Position
Flux vs Current

More specifically, there are two problems. The first of these is to calculate the phase inductance.

And this is not the well-known problem that inductance is not built on a graph. It is solved by the fact that in Maxwell-> Design Properties I checked the Matrix Computation-> Compute Inductance Matrix.

In addition, I replaced Type from Current to Voltage and set winding parameters from MaxCir.

The fact is that when the current in the winding changes, the inductance does not change its values. In addition, I tried to generally make the currents equal to zero in the windings. Inductance continued to be displayed on graphs. And yet, if you set the current in only one phase, and in others make it equal to zero, then the inductance is built for some reason in all three phases and also does not depend on the current. What could be the matter here?


The second problem is that I do not know how to build a series of such graphs, as shown in the attached figures. Teach me please. But I ask you to pay most of the attention to the first problem.


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    There are several questions in this post.


    Ansys provides all the calculated results derived from your geometry model through the Field Overlays > Calculator folder in the Project Manager Window Pane. Here you will be able to recreate the quantities that you see as quietly being done in background. You can also create custom expressions through the Named Expressions. This will enable you to calculate the phase inductance. Once the Named Expressions are created you can then plot it on a graph. Maxwell has several graph options as well. Our documentation has more detail on how to do all of the above but start with Field Calculator and Named Expressions to create a variable and the variables needed to calculate the phase inductance.

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