Not sure which Thinkpad P53 to go with (semi-urgent)

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So I have an opportunity to get some [not so] long lasting deals on a P53 and not sure which would be best. My workflow is Solidworks and ANSYS. My workflow demand varies, some nights I will leave a simulation running all night some days I am conducting a 5 minute simulation. My CAD also varies, but I would like something that can handle some larger assemblies.

Here are the two options on the table:

- i9 9880H 2.3GHz 8-core (up to 4.8 turbo)

- 32GB RAM

- RTX 4000 8GB VRAM

Setup 2:

Xeon E-2276 2.8GHz 6-core (Up to 4.7GHz turbo)

-32 GB RAM

-RTX 5000 (16GB VRAM)


Little worried about the heat of the i9 in a laptop, but the core count entices me. 

The Xeon is ECC which I Don't necessarily need. However the stability of a system of such combined with the RTX 5000 is enticing. The higher clock speed was also something I was wondering should be priority with this workflow versus core count of the i9. 

Lastly, would 16GB be beneficial to all use cases of workflow or only really beneficial for VR or something pretty intensive?

Thanks guys!


  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    Both good computers, either one would be good. I would choose the Xeon to get the higher clock and the RTX 5000 as it is listed as a tested graphics card.

    I'm using a lower performance graphics card that is tested to avoid glitches in the ANSYS display from the higher performance graphics card.

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