License problem Granta EduPack

Hi everyone,

I am having trouble with my educational Granta Edupack license which was provided by Ansys sales team.

As asked, I have installed Ansys License Manager and tried to load the license file.

however ansys displayed the message "the hostid in the license file is not a valid hostid for this license server machine"

for this reason, I went inside the "get system hostid information" section to check if my license file the hostid and compare it with my system hostid.

as the license hostid did not seem to match my system hostid, I have tried to modfify the text file with each hostid given by the "get system hostid information". I saved the file in ANSI and tried again.

the license manager was this time able to load the file however the flexnet server wouldn't start.

because I thought it could be a problem with my installation, I reinstall windows on a new hard drive and tried again.

I have this time changed the computer name (because of windows fresh install) and also the hostid . I saved it and try to load the license.

at this point, I realized that my issue could be due to the fact that I was using a "moded license" and probably that could be understand my ansys as a non legit license.

I need this software for my MSc dissertation which I have to end up at the end of this month, a little bit of help would be great .

I can provide the log files if needed !


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