Linking Natural Resonance Frequencies to Harmonic Response Analysis in Parametric Study

NiccoNicco Member

Dear Community,

I have run into an issue with my multiphysics simulation. I am conducting a parametric study on the core geometry of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine, in order to improve vibration behavior.

I have set up a Workbench project in which the solutions of my 2D Electromagnetics model and my Modal Analysis one are fed into the set up of the Harmonics Response, where I want to use the Modal Superposition method to evaluate the effect of excitations on stator teeth.

One of my output parameters is the total acceleration, which is measured at a certain frequency. I want to measure the acceleration for those frequencies corresponding to the resonance modes evaluated in the modal analysis. This is easy if those are fixed, since there is the option to manually input the frequencies at which we require the measurement. 

However, since the geometry of the stator is parametrized, the resonance frequencies can vary in each version created by the Design of Experiments tool. My question is:

Is there a way to automatically input the natural resonance frequencies coming from the modal analysis into the list of frequencies used for acceleration measurement in the harmonic response analysis ?

I hope I was clear in explaining my issue and I look forward to your response,


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