Rigid body use in 2D plane stress static structual simulation


Is it possible to use rigid bodies in a plane stress 2D static structual simulation? I can set parts as rigid but i can not add joints to them so i am unable to add boundary conditions to them.

I am trying to simulate the bending of a flexible wire between two rigid parts as shown in the picture but i can not add a fixed body-ground joint to the two rigid parts  above and below the wire in order to fix them in place. When i turn the simulation to 3D i can add joints and joint loads without any issues. Is there any way to use the joints in 2D or just fix the rigid parts in place by other means?



  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    It is possible to use rigid bodies in a plane stress 2D simulation, just not with joints.

    You can create rigid-like parts by creating a material that is 1000 times stiffer than the material being bent. Then all bodies are flexible.

    If you do that you can have a model that does this:

  • blankblank Member
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    Thanks, guess i will try this then.

    PS: If i still wanted to use a rigid body as  means of reducing the total number of nodes in my 2D planar model, how would I be able to fix its position? As you confirmed joints won't work and I get a question mark when i try applying a normal fixed support to a 2D rigid body.

  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    You can't use joints in 2D models with rigid bodies.

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