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i want to draw a honeycomg stiffned cylinder in Spaceclaim. For me it is important, that the honeycomb is extruded in radial direction. For this i want to use a tool like the wrap function in NX, but i cant find something comparable in Spaceclaimer. Maybe someone knows if there is a tool like this or have another idea how to draw the cylinder.


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  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
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    Not sure I understand, please can you post some images?  Pull is used for extrude but I'm not sure what you're trying to do. 

  • konahowlerkonahowler Member
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    Hi sure, in the end i want to create something similar to the first picture. But for my model it is improtant, that the honeycomb is not extrude straight trough the cylinder and then used as a cyrcular pattern. I want to eliminate the little geometry mistake you get when you extrude a plane trough a curve-> all Honeycombs schould aligning in the middle of the cylinder. I try to draw a picture of this in the second image. I know that there is an function in some CAD-Tools to wrap curves to a round surface, so that the original length of all curves stac exact the same and there is no mistake by the projection. I want to use this to get a honeycomb surface wich i can "pull" with spaceclaim But i am open to other ideas


    I hope i explained it understandable



    " alt="">
  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
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    That makes more sense, thanks. The imprint/pull tools will stretch the hexagon slightly. The easiest approach may be to correct the size to account for the imprint on one hexagon and then use the pattern tools. Otherwise have a look in sketch tools, there's an option to draw on a surface. 

  • konahowlerkonahowler Member
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    Thank you for your reply. I think i got another solution, but there i have another issue using the scripting tool. I want to use the project surface tool but the scrtipting function is not recording it.

  • konahowlerkonahowler Member
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    Hello Aniket,

    thanks for this information. Because I need to record/script my CAD-Model, I tried another solution. I drew two Polygons in different layers, and scale the inner one. By this method I was able to generate Honeycombs with constant wall thickness in radial direction. I wanted to create a more detailed post when i fixed the bug, that you can't merge the honeycombs to one body. For this, i include several for-loops in the code, so each honeycomb is going to be generated through thicken the each face of the honeycomb on its own. This works fine for the first complete run, but in the second run the panel of the honeycomb is not possible to merge with the other ones. But for this isssue i wanted to create another topic which i am going to link here. I think this is more a problem of the intern programming of Spaceclaim.


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