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I wanted to ask, where can I find information related to the all the flow methods, turbulence models, and iteration algorithms that are available in ANSYS. Something like a written document with all this information in it, I just want to read through it all. Because for a fluent simulation you need to choose flow method, turbulence model and iteration algorithm, and I don't know the difference between them all, so if I can read through what they each are, and under them what options are available in ANSYS, it would help me with my ANSYS learning.

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    The product documentation will cover most of that, click on help and go from there. 

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    Hello everyone, hope this post finds you all well. I am new to ansys and wandering where to start from. I actually want to simulate a body swimming in the water. I am totally new and want help in the said problem. Kindly help me and guide me to the resources. Looking forward to hear. Thank you.

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    Hello Faheembe16,

    Firstly, you should have started a new discussion, please start a new discussion as this one has been resolved, and it is a much efficient way to get your problem solved, and for others to follow too.

    Secondly, how good is your understanding of fluid dynamics and the laws governing the problem that you have described.

    Thirdly, have you done the ANSYS course at Cornell University, if you scroll to the top of this page, it should have the add for it, click on it and proceed from there.

    Fourthly, to have an actual swimming body, is an incredibly complex problem. Don't underestimate how hard even a simple problem might be to simulate in ANSYS, nevermind the one you have described.

    Lastly, think about how will you simulate the arms of the person swimming, the dynamics of it, how will you make it move, how will you make the legs move like a swimmer.

    It is extremely complex in my opinion, don't know what the expert from ANSYS support will say.

    Start with the basics, perhaps simulate rotating bodies in fluid, and then add complexity one by one.

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    Hello F123rooq, 

    I am going to start a new discussion as you have suggested and follow the steps you have mentioned. 

    I really understand the complexity of the problem and have an idea that it will take lot of efforts to implement, specially for a beginner like me. 

    Moreover, I am going to enroll in the course as per your suggestions.

    Looking forward to hearing from you in the future. Thank you

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