Problems on finding the right results on RC Beam


I'm a civil engineering student and I'm a newbie in ANSYS. I'm trying to model a RC Beam with circular openings. I read a lot of articles on the subject, and all of them showed a big difference on the results of the beams with and without the openings (mostly deformation and shear stress). My desire is to see the difference between an rc beam without openings, one with the opening and without proper reinforcement, and one with the reinforcement.

The thing is, all my results are really similar so idk if I'm doing something wrong, I tried following DrDalyo's youtube video, and I did my model on static structural. I'm not sure if I'm getting the correct results, or if there is something I'm missing. I also wanted to the the graphs in solution information, but everytime I try changing the number of substeps I have a lot of error messages. I tried changing the contacts, the load, the material properties, but nothing seems to make a huge difference.

I tried hiding the concrete body to see the rebars and apparently the software considers them in the deformation (1st image) but ignores them in the shear stress (2nd image)


I'm attaching my file below, if anyone can help I'll be really grateful,

Thanks, Bianca


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