Flow through wall boundary

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I'm quite new to Ansys Discovery Live. But it happened now several times, while trying a flow simulation with air, that the air vectors just go through a wall/boundary. I haven't found how to change a 3d object that air must go around instead of through...(to get solid)

Some objects work and some just pass through.

Sorry for such a noob question, but I'm working on this problem now for a couple of days

Thank you for reading this!


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    This depends on a couple of things:

    • Fidelity based on your machine specs.
    • The size of the parts - if you have an enclosure with is extremely large compared to the size of the object you are modeling, this might happen. I'd suggest that you reduce the size of the enclosure such that the smallest size in your object is comparable to the size of the enclosure.

    Please let us know if this addresses your issue.


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    Hello Kremella,

    thank you for your fast reply!

    My machine specs: Intel Xeon X5690 (3,47GHz x 12 threads); 24GB Ram; NVIDIA GTX 1070 GPU

    After your post I tryed to reduce the size of the enclosure, but even at tiny enclosures this effect happened.

    Some models are recognized as bodys and some are just not part of the simulation and the flow goes through.

    Is there a minimal size or thickness to be part of the simulation?

    Has it something to do with beeing transparent?

    Sorry for these questions


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    Can you please post a screenshot of your geometry? Are there any large aspect ratio parts in your geometry? For example, if you are modeling an airplane and you are looking at the leading edge region, this is generally very thin compared to the size of the airplane. In such cases, I have seen the behavior you are describing.


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