AAS commands for writing Input/Output Parameters is not working

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Good evening,

Im using AAS- to couple Matlab and Fluent and use it as a Server. I have followed the steps in the official Ansys Youtube tutorial for the connection, and have read the users guide: "Fluent as a Server".

Most of functions seem to work such as: tui.doMenuCommandToString(), fluent. getNrInputParameters(); fluent.getInputParameterNameByIndex(in long lInputParameterIndex);

Nevertheless, the most important functions that I need do not work: (WRITE AND READ PARAMETERS of Fluent)




fluent.setInputParameterValueByName(string('T_head'), 200)


I write an example of what Im coding: 

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% CODE %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

%% Basic Connection %%%% RUN THIS SECTION - Once per matlab session 







tui.doMenuCommandToString('report summary')

%tui.doMenuCommandToString('define operating-conditions gravity yes 9.8 0.0 0.0');



fluent.setInputParameterValueByName(string('T_head'), 200)





>> fluent.setInputParameterValueByName(string('T_head'),200)

Java exception occurred:

AAS_CORBA.EFluentGenericError: IDL:AAS_CORBA/EFluentGenericError:1.0


at AAS_CORBA.EFluentGenericErrorHelper.read(EFluentGenericErrorHelper.java:80)


at AAS_CORBA._ICoFluentUnitStub.setInputParameterValueByName(_ICoFluentUnitStub.java:456)


>> fluent.getOutputParameterValueByName(string('q_rad_thorax'))

Java exception occurred:

AAS_CORBA.EFluentGenericError: IDL:AAS_CORBA/EFluentGenericError:1.0


at AAS_CORBA.EFluentGenericErrorHelper.read(EFluentGenericErrorHelper.java:80)


at AAS_CORBA._ICoFluentUnitStub.getOutputParameterValueByName(_ICoFluentUnitStub.java:579)


PD: I have already written in my Fluent case these parameters previously, so they exist. I have also tried writing fluent.getOutputParameterValueByName('q_rad_thorax') and neither works. Here below I attach the error that I get from at FLUENT command window: unbound-variable, set-parameter-data


Thank you very much, 

Any help would be really welcome.



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    I'm trying to find you the right person to answer your question. Thank you for your patience.


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    I have similar problem. I'm using Matlab 2017b and Fluent 2019 R1. When I try to run Fluent calculation by command:

    >> iFluentTuiInterpreter.doMenuCommandToString('solve iterate 100')

    It starts calculation but immediately Matlab gives an error and calculation stops:

    Java exception occurred:

    AAS_CORBA.EFluentGenericError: IDL:AAS_CORBA/EFluentGenericError:1.0

       at AAS_CORBA.EFluentGenericErrorHelper.read(EFluentGenericErrorHelper.java:80)

       at AAS_CORBA._ICoFluentSchemeControllerStub.doMenuCommandToString(_ICoFluentSchemeControllerStub.java:126)

    Is there any solution?

    Thank you


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    Is this the video you're looking at? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=td0rV_4IXI4

    Do you have access to the customer portal to download the example files? I'm not sure what the issue could be at this stage.

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