Missing ::libudf in Hooking step for UDF code



I try to simulate a udf code for DPM body force. My code has been interpreted successfully. In hooking step, I noticed that in my box the ::libudf is missing.

Does anyone have experience with this to help me out or give me any hints?

For the compilation approach, I installed VS2012 (ANSYS 17.0) but I need how can I create a header file.


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    1/Are you able to compile any other UDF?

    2/There is no magic: copy the example from the manual and compile it after that load it (check that you are loading the libudf) then hook it there in the UDF/DPM Panel.

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    Hello Sir

    Thank you for your reply.

    I compiled the udf's code : Body force in the manual and the problem is solved now for ::libudf.

    I am trying to adapt this code for mine.

    I have a remark: When I injected the body force in my model (Flow over flat plate), the result didn't change as a flow without body force.


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    Check if you are running two way and scale the force perhaps requires tuning.
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    Hello SIr

    There is my udf's code :

    For hooking step , my DISCRET PHASE MODEL BOX is setting up as (after injection's step) :

       *  Physical models    : Pressure gradient force

       * udf                            : - Body_particle_force::libudf

                                              - number of scale    2


    My questions :

    Could you please check my code and DPM box setting up ?

    How can I verify that my calculation  has integrated the udf's code?

     Thank you so much.

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    Please start from the manual: your UDF is doing nothing. There is no return value.
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