setup.exe won't run on Windows 10


I downloaded Ansys student version 2020 R1 and after extracting the setup.exe file and choosing "run as administrator" the blue spinny wheel will run for a few seconds and then nothing happens. I receive no error messages, but the installer will not open at all. My computer has all of the hardware requirements and is running Windows 10.

I have tried redownloading Ansys student (I used Google Chrome both times), updating my administrator privileges on my computer, working with task manager, restarting my computer and disabling my anti virus software. At this point, I am not sure what else I can do to get Ansys student to run on my computer.

Thank you in advance!


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    If you check your Windows Task Manager, do you see the process 'setup.exe' on there ?

    If not, there is still some security on your machine that prevents the executable to run.

    You can try a silent install mode but I'm not sure if it'd help. It depends on what flags your security.

    Open an elevated CMD Prompt (right click on CMD shortcut and 'run as administrator')

    cd to the directory of your setup.exe

    Then, enter the following command

    setup.exe -silent

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