Honeycomb Sandwich

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I was trying to model a honeycomb structure as a shell, because its overall thickness is not bigger than 4 mm.


However, I'm having problems to connect the vertices and to connect the top and bottom plates with the core (as they are merely lines), so is there any suggestions on that?

Also, I was reading this discussion this, a sandwich model with honeycore as a block with input properties, but I'm confused on the values I put for the Poisson ratio, as I expect that the xy value to be 1 and the engineering data doesn't accept different values for the Poisson ratio in orthotropic materials (so why bother have different inputs?).



  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    These cell are way too large to use the method in this discussion where a single solid replaces the the small cell honeycomb wall structure without modeling any walls, but just a solid core with orthotropic material properties.

    Bring this geometry into SpaceClaim, and use the Workbench tab to Share the geometry. Then try meshing.  You will use solid isotropic aluminum properties if the walls are made of that.

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