Harmonic Response with Hyperelastic Material

I am trying to model a rubber mount using the Harmonic Response in ANSYS. The one end of the rubber mount is fixed while the other is vibrated with a motor. I want to model the behavior of the material using the Mooney Rivlin 2 parameter material model. I am using a Harmonic Response because I want to be able to change the frequency of the applied deflection at the non fixed end. However I get an error that I need to add elasticity to the material model in order for the Harmonic Response to solve. Could I do the same thing with Transient Structural or Static Structural since I don't have elasticity data for my experiments?


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    Could you share an image showing how the material model has been defined? If you are using Mooney-Rivlin 2 parameter model, you need to either define the two parameters or provide experimental data from which those two parameters can be calculated (by curve-fitting). If you don't have the material properties then no FEM analysis (Transient Structural, Static Structural etc.) can be performed. 

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    Here is how I have defined the material model. At this moment I want to test different values of C01 and C10 to see how they influence the force output results.

  • Hi,

    Same problem here

    Did you figure it out @mbuys980411 ?

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