Flame Generated Manifold (FGM) model

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I am doing a combustion simulation with FGM model and  the following characteristics:

1- Non-premixed combustion with heat loss

2-Fuel CH4 at 446K

3 Oxidizer preheated at 843K.

When selecting combustion model I choose the options of the attached images.

In Boundary conditions I define in fuel Mixture Fraction =1.

In Materials I modify absorption coefficient

I patch progress variable to 1, and I obtain the temperature contour attached. Something seems to be not working at flame shape is to small. Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance!


  • raghavaraghava Member
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    I would try changing the "Turbulence chemistry interactions" to Turbulent flame speed to incorporate the effects of turbulence or is there any specific idea behind setting TCI to Finite rate? I hope this helps.


    Raghavendran Raman 

  • seeta guntiseeta gunti Member
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    Hello Naira,

    How are you measuring the flame shape? By just looking at the temperature plot, it does not give you the flame shape. Since you are using FGM, you can plot the mean mixture fraction of any particular species that is supposed to be there in fuel rich or oxidizer rich zone.





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