Baffles in volumetric region


I have the following output , when the compute volumetric region is successful

> /objects/volumetric-regions/compute zone* no

    computing regions...done


And I have the following output, when the compute volumetric region is not successful


computing regions...


Warning : No regions computed.

Check for leaks and self-intersections in the mesh.



region-name number of baffles zone ids of baffles

-------------------- -------------------- --------------------

external baffles 4 (16 17 18 19)



Both of them have the following script


(define min 0.1)

(define max 0.2)

/size-functions/set-global-controls min max 1.1

/scoped-sizing create boi boi object-faces-and-edges yes no * min 1.1

/scoped-sizing create cu curvature face-zone yes no groove min max 1.1 18

/scoped-sizing compute

/objects/create-new-mesh-object/remesh * , individually

/objects/volumetric-regions/compute zone* no

/objects/volumetric-regions change-type zo* (zo*) fluid




they are the same becuase only the dimensions of the pipe length changes between the two and a depth of a helical cut groove between them.

And the cad is assigned to change type as fluid, post comute regions step, so intersection and leaks problem is out of the question.


  • KremellaKremella Admin
    edited June 16

    Are you able to generate the mesh using the GUI? Are you seeing the same issue if you use the GUI?



  • atulsingh92atulsingh92 Member
    edited June 21

    Yes, the probelm also exists in the GUI, when I run the same code,

    as well as when I set the case for each thing manually.

  • KremellaKremella Admin
    edited June 21

    Could you please share a screenshot of what you are seeing in the GUI when you are manually creating the mesh?

    At what stage of the meshing process are you seeing this issue? Also, are you using the tree structure to mesh or the new watertight workflow?



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