porouse media simulation


Is it possible to apply the Darcy's equation for porous media if the porous medium is gravel whose grains size diameters range from 15-50 mm and can make simulation for this type of flow by fluent?


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    Yes, you should be able to apply the Darcy's equation as long as your Reynolds number is not very high. If the fluid flow becomes extremely turbulent, then you will need additional terms in your momentum equation to get the correct losses. Darcy's law is applicable in low Re number flow through a porous media.

    Also, one additional point: Please make sure to calculate your resistances appropriately. If your resistances are incorrect, you will get an incorrect solution.




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    thank you so much mr.karthik,do you mean in your words  flow through gravel only must be laminar or the total flow in open channel. if   velocity through porose zone unknown  just velocity of water above gravel is known what shall i do in this case and about the resistances calculation is  there another way to calculate it instead of experimental data

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