Condensation frequency in Lee model for water condensation with mixture multiphase flows

HugoBHugoB Member

Hello everyone,

I'm posting this topic because I'm currently trying to model condensation of 27°C humid air on a 0°C cold cylinder of diameter 5m using the mixture multiphase flow model, but when I have to enter my evaporation/condensation frequency in the Lee model I don't really know what value I can enter and I couldn't find anything helping on the Internet...

With the default value of 0,1 my results are not good becaues I have like "waves" of condensation in all my domain, which isn't physical and I noticed that the more the frequency is approcahing 0 and the more my water liquid volume faction contour seem to be correct but also the more I tend to underestimate my condensation mass flow...

Do you have any idea or source for the condensation frequency Lee model for external flow on a cylinder ?

Thank you very much and have a nice day ! 

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