Solution error of static structural analysis in ansys

there is a problem in my software while sloving for the static structural solution. an unknown error is shown after solving is over. please help me out with it. the problem has been shown in the picture uploaded


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    I also had this problem and I discovered that was a problem of memory (ram).

    Try opening the Solver Output to see if is the same problem of mine. If it is, change your ram. You can, also, work just with workbench, so your computer spend memory just with it.


    Hope to have helped

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  • Anirban30Anirban30 Member
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    my ram is 8gb. in solver output it is showing nothing related to ram.

  • Anirban30Anirban30 Member
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    My ram is 8gb. in solver output it is not showing any thing related to ram

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    Hi Sir, I'm not getting a solution In ANSYS ACP processor complete and In solution part Unconverged Solution (identified as Substep 999999) is output for analysis debug purpose. Please anyone can help for complete solution. 

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    Hi Sir

    ImUnable complete to my solution, It showing internal solution magnitude limit was exceeded at node number and DOF change the environment solution please Check the solution and Make it correct. Suggest if anything will do correct.

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    It is best for you to open a New Discussion, that way, you own the discussion and you can get automatically notified of replies if you choose. By posting in Anirban30's discussion, you will not get notified of replies, Anir will be getting the notifications whenever anyone posts a reply, assuming he/she selected to get them.

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