3D_hertz contact problem_for two cylinder

I want to do 3D simulation of two cylinder in contact in MAPDL by code. i am new in 3d-modeling but what i have done till now is as below.

created two half cylinder volumes in contact

mesh them through SOLID187 element types 

contact element type CONTA174 and target element TARGE170

material properties are almost same for both cylinder

problem :

i want very fine mesh at the contact region but as there is an error in refinement. how can i create uniform mesh refinement at contact area.  In mesh refinement i have done, there is some highly distorted elements which i cannot found through check mesh option.

If some one can suggest some mesh refinement options and contact modelling suggestions for this type of problem.  And how to come over some common nodes at contact area because those nodes are creating problem in contact solutions?



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