3 way System Coupling



I am simulating flow(hot gas) over a steel part and trying to observe the thermal and structural impact on the steel part. The expansion of the steel part needs to be coupled with fluid flow. I need to apply fixed boundary conditions on the steel on Transient Structural and the thermal conditions from fluent(transient) on the structure in real-time. which physics I should be used to the coupled system?


Should I couple just Fluent-Transient Structure but that lacks the thermal variable.

If I just couple Fluent-Transient Thermal then I will lack fixed boundary condition.

I need three-way FSI but ANSYS doesn't support that.


Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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    I am interested to hear what the ANSYS staff have to say on this topic.

    While we wait for more posts, I am aware of Direct Coupled-Field Analysis where you use elements such as CPT216 that contain both structural and thermal DOF so that both results are solved in a single iteration.  Use a Transient Structural model with a System Coupling to a Transient Fluent model that provides updates to the thermal boundary conditions on each iteration.

    If I understand correctly, the heat causes deformation in the structure, which affects the flow that is doing the heating.

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