Hello Everyone I am simulating gasket analysis for Pressure vessel which is situated between two flanges and Flange holes are connected by using Beam elements in anasys workbench,and after applying boundry condition and inside pressure I am getting error message that one of  the element is highly distorting ,the image is encosed bellow,Please someone help me in this regard

Thanks in advance.  


  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    There are 30 Google search results for the phrase "highly distorted element" on this site.

    Please review them to see if any of these old posts are helpful. Note that some links might point to a post that has been deleted, in which case the Google result may include a Cached version of the page.

    This discussion belongs in Structural Mechanics since it is not really a Pre or Post Processing question. I may move it, but you will easily find it.

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    Thank you Peter.

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