Problem with radial force in Ball bearing.

Hello to all. I am doing a ball bearing simulation in a transient structural module.

I got a simulation. But there are mistakes. The fact is that the outer ring of the bearing must be fixed. And the inner ring must rotate. In addition, gravity is used on all bodies. And the force of 50 Newtons acts on the inner ring. But the problem is that the force is not transmitted to the ball of the bearing. Why? Because I use Joint Load to rotate the inner ring. And Joint Load fixe the body to the center of the body itself ....... So the inner cant free drop to ball of bearing. And Radilal Force impossible.....

For imagine i make simple model. When ring should drop and in that time should rotate.

So i tried all posible methods for rotate inner ring.

Can rotate and drop only MOMENT. But I should use RPM.

My question is: Please tell me about method rotate inner ring (RPM) for Transient Structural



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