Fluent meshing error update "The Mesh component for Design Point 0 does not contain all entity ..."

kevin96kevin96 Member

Good afternoon,

I am facing a strange problem with Fluent meshing: I have created my geometry in DesignModeler (a simple flatplate with a pimple on it) and set the proper Named Selections, 1 part, 2 bodies (domain-body of influence) , imported the geometry in Fluent meshing with the workflow "watertight geometry", made some local sizing and followed all steps in Fluent meshing until I get my poli-hexa mesh. All the steps on the tree on the left have green tick when I finish meshing. After that, I close meshing, open Fluent (setup), run my RANS simulation and everything goes well with no problem. 

I have 2 input parameters in my geometry and varying them I can get correct variations in the geometry, there are no problems with them. I have 1 output parameter (a drag report in Fluent) which is correctly updated when I finish the simulation if I run manually. 

However, if I try to change a parameter from the parametric table and update the project or I do similarly using the Design of Experiment component, I get this error: 

"(DP 0) The Mesh component in pp1 for Design Point 0 does not contain all entity types advertised in its component template, even after update"

where "pp1" is the name of my Fluent meshing block in project schematic and DP0 is the only existing design point in my system. 

After this error occurs, the Fluent meshing can no more be opened. I am attaching some screenshots of the situation before I press "update"

Could you help me, please? Thanks in advance


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