Explicit Dynamics results animation bug?


I've long since encountered a strange problem. Namely, I do Explicit Dynamics simulations, I present the effect in the cross section view when I want to see the animations, the elements that have been eroded are not shown at the beginning of the animation. The solution to the problem was to save the simulation before animation. It was in version 18. Now with a newer version I noticed that this way no longer works, the only effect is the disappearance of the whole interior of the object. After clicking, for example, on the mesh settings, everything returns to "normal" but, on animation elements that have eroded are still not displayed. 

I hope this is understandable, for the sake of clarification: during the cross sectional animation the elements are not eroding, they are already removed at the start. I didn't post the file, because in every simulation it's the same.


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