Simulation not converging after reloading case and data file

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So I was running my simulation on Fluent and everything was converging well and good, but I stopped my simulation after awhile to try to increase the number of processors in order to try to get my results faster. However, after reloading my last saved case and data files, the simulation does not converge as before.. see attached photo: 


note how towards the end the simulation does now converge as before. 

I also didn't change anything in the setup. I just reloaded the case and data and just ran the calculation. Does anyone know why this happens? 

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  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
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    Is it struggling or (more likely) is it the residual plot wasn't retained?   My model is converging nicely, the data from before about iteration 10,200 is nonsense. I restarted this run this morning as I don't tend to leave it overnight when working at home. 


  • celinelim96celinelim96 Kansas City, MOMember
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    Hello sir,

    Yes! So in my case it's the opposite of yours... before stopping the simulation my simulation was converging fine. However once I stopped it and reloaded the case and data it struggled to reach the same convergence before i stopped the simulation. 


  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
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    How do the results look?  Changing core count shouldn't cause any issues. What models are you using? Any UDFs? 

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