Ansys Maxwell 3D Post-Processing - Can I exclude very high values in my plots?

Dear Community,

please see the attached vector plot (YZ-plane) of the B-field generated by a thin solenoid excited with a steady current within a vacuum region. I am satisfied with the plot except for the asymmetrical display of the very high values at the end of the solenoid represented by the bigger arrows of red (top) and yellow (bottom) colour.

Is it possible to exclude these arrows/values such that the plot looks more homogenous and symmetric about the z-axis?

I tried the 'Magnitude Filtering' option, but it seems to only be able to filter out small values, not high ones.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


B-vector plot in YZ-plane


  • icellbicellb Member
    edited July 17


    I think your symmetric object simulation should not result in high B-field in one or two small spots. Maybe you should refine your mesh and simulate again. If that still doesn't work, maybe you could enlarge the spacing between the arrows hopefully the plotting will skip the red and yellow arrow.


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