Conjugate heat transfer with rotational sliding mesh

I'm trying to simulate a conjugate heat transfer between a rotating solid disc and its surrounding air in Fluent. The disc temperature must decrease gradually by transferring the heat to the air. I used the Patch option to set an initial temperature for the disc. My problem is that the disc transfers heat to surrounding but not getting cooler and its temperature remains constant.

Here is more about the setup:

  • I have one solid domain and two fluid domains. the solid domain (1) and its adjacent fluid domain (2) are rotating together using Sliding Mesh method.
  • The solid domain (1) and its adjacent fluid domain (2) have a conformal interface. (I guess it should be like this to have conjugate heat transfer).
  • Between the fluid domains (2 & 3) I have a non-conformal interface. (I did it to use Sliding Mesh method)

Solver: Pressure-Based, Transient

Models: Energy + Realizable k-e viscous

Cell Zone Conditions: I set Mesh Motion with 500rpm rotational velocity for domains 1 & 2

Boundary Conditions: I have a pressure inlet & a pressure outlet. I set rotational motion with relative velocity to all the walls adjacent to rotating cell zones. Thermal settings are set to the default: coupled for solid-fluid interface and 0 heat flux for fluid-fluid interface

Solution Initialization: Hybrid initialization with 200C patch for the disc

Time Step Size: 0.012s

Here is the geometry


and here is the contour of temperature after some time steps:


  • DrAmineDrAmine GermanyForum Coordinator
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    If you go to flux report an to the solid/fluid interface: is there a flux going through it? From your picture seems yes. Can you list the interface?  Do you have only one interface there between the two cell zones?

  • PouryaZahediPouryaZahedi Member
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    Thanks for the reply.

    This is the report for the solid/fluid interface:

    In Mesh Interface section I only have one interface and it's between fluid domains. The solid domain and its adjacent fluid domain are two bodies of one part. There is no contact between them in ANSYS Meshing and there is no setup for it in Mesh Interface. I have a wall and a shadow wall for solid/fluid interface in Boundary Conditions and it's coupled.

    Also here is the heat transfer rate & mass flow rate for fluid/fluid interface. I'm not sure that it's right!

    Kind regards, Pourya

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