Access to ANSYS Customer Portal?

mikemike Member

Pgl, what should I do to get an access to the customer portal? I am also using Academic license, I can send you a license number if it helps.

Please let me know asap.


  • pglpgl Portland, Oregon, USAMember
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    This Student Community is now our front-line mechanism for providing support to our academic users. The ANSYS Customer Portal is reserved for our commercial customers, and academic ASC's who need access to download the paid for Academic product installation media.If you have a paid-for Academic license and you are the primary user/support coordinator for your academic site, then you can register as an ANSYS Support Coordinator (ASC) on this Student Community, you can then ask your specific question and you will receive a reply from the ANSYS Support Team. Since you have already registered, if you can identify the name and department of your University, we can review the account and promote you to an ASC if appropriate.   

    P.S. Can you please fix your profile image? 



  • mikemike Member
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    I have to ask at my University whether there already is someone assigned as ASC. Is ASCs number somehow limited per license? Can I send a private message with the details regarding my University and it's license?


  • pglpgl Portland, Oregon, USAMember
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    Yes. We usually have a limit of one ASC per academic account. To assist I've sent you a personal email. 

  • jonsysjonsys Member
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    can you also send me a personal email regarding this? I have the same question


  • Punnag ChatterjeePunnag Chatterjee Raleigh, NCMember
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    I have the same question, I am at NC State University using academic version of ANSYS in out lab and it would be nice to have access to ANSYS MATLAB toolbox and Piezo and mems module.

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