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why HFSS use juste 700 MB of memory, and i have in my computer 16GB ? to end a simulation it take lot of time


  • pmunagapmunaga Forum Coordinator

    Hello, it could be because of default HPC settings. You can use the HPC (High Power Computing) option which allows much faster simulations. You can add or edit the current HPC settings and increase the quantity of crores for computation which will run in parallel to complete the simulations faster.

    The maximum number of cores that can be used will be limited by your system configuration.

    For detailed information regarding HPC, you can browse through the Help document for topic “Setting HPC and Analysis Option”.

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  • Abdou1Abdou1 Member


    i already did that, i have 12 core in my machine i made in the configuration 8 core and RAM limit 95 %

    when i start a simulation it take juste lot of time and from RAM and 8 % from the processor, to end a simulation it take lot of time

  • pmunagapmunaga Forum Coordinator


    Please share the profile data of your simulation model by using the snapshots of the whole profile to help us serve you better (you can access this by right mouse click on Results->Solution data->Profile). Also you can use "first order basis" (you can check this by double mouse clicking on analysis setup->options) function for faster simulations. The simulation time also depends on the type of solver being used. For more data regarding the solver types, kindly go through the Help document.

    All the very best.

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