Stratified wall shear on a circular cylinder

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Does anyone know the reason of the stratified wall shear stress on a circular cylinder as shown in the picture? The wall shear stress should be continuous on the cylinder surface. I used turbulence model of k-w SST and created mesh from ICEM in ANSYS. Thanks!

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  • KremellaKremella Forum Coordinator
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    Could you please embed your screenshot directly in your post? We are not able to download attachments from the community.



  • DrAmineDrAmine GermanyForum Coordinator
    Might be related to mesh-to-surface projection in ICEM:
    already test what happens when either Settings>Meshing Options>Hexa Meshing>Project to bisplines is enabled or a tighter (e.g. 1e-5/1e-6) value for Settings>Model>Triangulation Tolerance has been set?

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