Guidelines for Posting on Ansys Learning Forum

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You can only actively participate in the Learning Forum if you are registered and logged in, otherwise the site is read only. i.e. You can only browse. Once you are logged in you will see a yellow "New Discussion" and “Ask a Question” button under each category: 

Use these two options to start a discussion or ask a question. Before you do that please browse the Learning Forum to see if anyone has already asked the same question. You can use the search feature to look for keywords, and you can narrow your search in specific categories. You can also use the "Popular Tags" to find related posts. 

Here are some guidelines to posting: 

  • If a post answers your original question, please mark it as a “Resolved” so that it might help someone in the future. This will help reduce repetitive questions and help provide better support on this Forum. 

  • If you find a post to be helpful, please consider liking it by hitting the “Like” button.  

  • If you have a new question, please create a new thread. Posts with a lot of discussions and lengthy answers tend to get less attention from someone who might help. 

  • Please post your question in the appropriate category. This will expedite the support process and might help you get quicker responses. Many of our experts only monitor threads based on their fields of expertise and in order to get their attention posting your question in the correct category becomes critical. 

  • Please consider inserting appropriate tags (of the product, physics being used etc.)  when starting a new discussion. As discussed in bullet 4 this tends to get more attention. 

  • Once you learn a certain answer or have gained expertise in a certain topic in a discussion, please consider taking a moment to help someone out on the Forum. 

  • Please use the ‘Insert Image’ option to share your images. Please refrain from using the ‘Attach’ option as much as possible for sharing images 

  • Forum Coordinators (Ansys Employees) are not allowed to download and access any software files uploaded by users. So, for better support, try to insert images as much as possible to explain your problem. 

  • Forum Coordinators will not solve your specific simulation problem to provide deeper insights so please keep your question short and up to the point. 

  • Please do not post screenshots taken from Ansys product documentation. You can mention the chapter/section number with links from the documentation. 

  • Please do not post screenshots of Ansys confidential material (slides, notes, files, documents) taken from other sources such as Ansys Learning Hub, Customer portal etc.


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