Noise canceling

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I read that the noise canceling technology works on wave interference. Can someone explain in simple words how wave interference occurs?


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    In physics, interference occurs when two waves superpose to form a resultant wave whose amplitude may be greater, lesser or the same as the two waves. So noise canceling technology implements the interference phenomnon such that the incoming wave is superposed with another (artificially generated) wave, so that the resultant of those two waves is zero.
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    Thank you @prajput for explaining that!! ?

    I am just curious, when would the amplitude of the resultant wave be higher and when would it be lower? Could you give some examples?

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    When two waves that are in-phase with each other (i.e. the crest of wave 1 coincides with crest of wave 2), the amplitude of the resultant wave will be greater. This is known as constructive interference. On the other hand when the two waves are out-of-phase (i.e. crest of wave 1 coincides with trough of wave 2) the amplitude of the resultant wave will be smaller. This is called destructive interference. Destructive interference is what noise canceling technology uses.
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