Compressible and incompressible

KremellaKremella Admin Posts: 2,332
Hello everyone, can someone tell me what is the difference between compressible and incompressible flows? Is it just to refer to gaseous and liquid flow?


  • prajputprajput Admin Posts: 304
    Hi, while fluids and gases have different compressibility, both can be assumed to be incompressible under certain circumstances. An incompressible flow is defined as a constant density flow, while a compressible flow is defined as a variable density flow.
  • kkanadekkanade Forum Coordinator Posts: 3,088
    Adding to response, in a fluid moving at a Mach number of a flow is lower than 0.3 the variations of density are small and the fluid can be assumed to be incompressible. If M>0.3 the fluid can be assumed to be compressible. 
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