Log-Periodic Antenna


While going through some of the past antenna geometries I came across log-periodic antennas. What type of antennas are they?

Thank you.


  • rtkrtk Pune, IndiaForum Coordinator

    Hi - Log-periodic antennas can be any class of antennas having a structural geometry which has its electrical characteristics repeat periodically as the logarithm of the frequency. For example an antenna structure with a group of dipole antennas of varying sizes strung together and fed alternately through a common transmission line. See image shown here:

  • Thanks for that explanation cblair. But, how it differs from a Yagi-Uda antenna?
  • cblaircblair Forum Coordinator
    Hi - Although a log-periodic antenna and a Yagi-Uda antenna may physically look alike , they are different as you mentioned. The main difference between these two is that log-periodic antennas can support a wider frequency bandwidth whereas the Yagi-Uda antenna will be optimized for a particular frequency range. Log-periodic antennas are physically larger than Yagi-Uda. Hope this added some clarifications for you.
  • Now its clear for me. Thank you cblair for the responses.
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