Saturation in electrical machines

Vivek KambleVivek Kamble Pune, IndiaForum Coordinator
What is saturation and why and how does an electrical machine saturate?


  • cblaircblair Forum Coordinator
    When we say saturation in electrical machines we are speaking about magnetic saturation. If we increase the mmf of the magnet or if we increase the current in the coil, the flux density inside the iron of the machine is also increased. There is a limit beyond which magnetic flux density in the core will not increase proportional to the mmf. This limit is called magnetic saturation.
  • rtkrtk Pune, IndiaForum Coordinator


    How does it affect the electrical machine?

  • cblaircblair Forum Coordinator

    Hi @cblair,

    When magnetic saturation sets in, the machine performance will not increase much even the magnetomotive force (MMF) is increased. You can understand these limits of the steel used in the machine by looking at the BH-curve of the steel. The knee point where the curve starts becoming parallel to X axis (H) is where the steel starts saturating

    A saturated core requires more magnetizing current. This will increase I2R loss in the winding thus overheating the machine.

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