Run legacy MAPDL cases on Cloud.

mcoderonmcoderon Member Posts: 39


Is it possible to run the legacy MAPDL simulations on the cloud (not through workbench)?

If Yes, what I need to do?

Download *.db or *.lgw?

Thank you. 



  • KremellaKremella Posts: 3,123Admin
    Yes you can run MAPDL in the Cloud by using Ansys clould CLI ( command line interface). You need to log, upload your files , submit. Please try, and ask if having issues.

  • prajputprajput Posts: 311Admin
    The ANSYS Cloud CLI can support direct submission of MAPDL input files to the cloud for submission. To use this, you would still download and install the Cloud installation from the Dashboard page of Run the resulting executable as admin to install the software, including the CLI. Review the online help for instructions in using the CLI. 
  • Anita2020Anita2020 Posts: 4Member

    Hello Prajput,

    Cloud computing is the new standard for engineering analysis. ANSYS Cloud provides an easy-to-use option for quick access to cloud HPC directly from within ANSYS applications. This is especially useful for businesses with variable simulation workloads.”

    Thanks for giving more information regarding ANSYS Cloud. It will be very useful for us.



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