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Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the animation files in Fluent. While I am working on a local machine, the resolution and position of elements on the picture files are right but when the simulation is carried out on the Cloud, the resolution is downgraded, the scene gets limited and the scale changes its place. I understand the limitations of the graphic abilities of the cloud calculations, but is there any way to set up good quality animations from cloud calculations through GUI?




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    I'm seeing the same thing when exporting .jpeg from solution animation. I think exporting .hsf files for the solution animation would be a better alternative. This is a 3d visualization file type that will allow you to change the orientation and zoom after the run. There are two options for using the .hsf files.  

    1. You can download the .hsf files and the .cxa file and create the animation on your local machine by loading the .cxa into the Animations Playback as shown in the image. 

    2. Use the RDP Postprocess option to set up the animation playback on the Cloud.

    Thank you.

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    I have the .hsf files without the .cxa

    Can i perform the animations?

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