Export from Fluent to CFD-Post error

I need to export some data to cfdpost in fluent. I select the surfaces where I want to get data. If I solve a few steps in my local machine everything works as intended.

When I launch the exact same case on a cloud, data does not get correctly exported to cfdpost amd the variables I selected does not get displayed and it reads right when solved in local.

I would require help in requesting data over surfaces and isosurfaces, any suggestion? 



  • Hi 

    I can't reproduce the problem on a test case I have. I don't see how the cloud could have an effect on a cdat file. Fluent will run the same case as on your local machine and output the same cdat files. Maybe they got corrupted when downloading back to your machine. How big are they when you run on your local machine? How big are the downloaded files? Are you able to send me your case?

  • Thanks for the files. It is working OK for me, in 2020R1. All the cdat files contain all the requested locations and variables except for "rate of soot", but that is not a cloud issue as the same thing happened locally on my laptop. So maybe there was a problem with the download or you ran out of disk space on your cloud account or on your laptop. Some things for you to check.

    check the fluent-*.trn transcript file for any errors during the cloud run, particularly when writing the cdat files.

    check the size of the downloaded files to see if they are significantly smaller then they should be.

    log into the cloud portal and view your dashboard to see how much storage you have used.

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