Is it possible to run Discovery Live from VDI?


I've recently been using the VDI option. I wanted to try out Discovery live on an analysis, but am having trouble getting it working. I'm not sure if it's a licensing issue, an issue with the VDI, or the setup I am doing in Discovery Live. Here are my observations:

- The program loads after about a minute without a loading screen.

- The initial screen does not show any of the "Start Solution" or FEA type of tools.

- There is an error that shows up at the start saying OpenGL failed to start.

- When I try to import a model there is an error message that says the physics were not able to be save, so I end up with a shell of a model. I seem to be able to create things using the SpaceClaim tools in Live, but no analysis tools are available. 

- I can run analyses using mechanical without a problem.


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