Torque calculation in a new arregement of magnets (BLDC)

Hi everyone,

Greeting from Argentina!

I'm trying to simulate a slice of a proyect that I have in my mind, but I found some trouble calculating the torque produce of this arregement of magnets and coils.

I'm thinking that the torque calculation in each magnet, is due to the other magnets and the interation with de flux from the stator. But, I need to extract only the forces and torque between the interactions with the magnets and stator fluxes, these are the forces that will perform finally in the real world.

I do not know how to do this, I'm thinking in adding the exterior cage, the one that will keep the magnets in place and attach them to this (but I don't know how to do this),

In blue, the magnets, gray the stator core and in orange the coils.

The isolations for the coils are set, the region is 50%, and I'm not getting any error when I validate the model.

But, what I'm understanding, with the results I get, is that the strong interctions between the magnets, is adding an unwanted error in my results.

Is there any way of adding a exterir cage and "glue" the magnets to it? I'm all ears...

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor English,


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    I can't understand your motor configuration with the one picture you provided.

    If you are setting up a transient analysis - Select all the components that will move together in the real life application and assign a band. This tells the simulation that all those components are moving together.



  • Hi, thanks for your replay.

    I'm trying to simulate a double sided axial motor. In order to do it, I already asigned a band that embrace the motor for the rotation movement, and another object (material: vacuum) that only contains the two rotors.

    But, when I simulate this arregement, the stator also rotates. I've tried different things but I cannot resolved this, and computate de coogint torque, fluxes, etc.

    Best regards, and thanks in advance.

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    My understanding is that you have magnet arrangement (rotor) on top and bottom of the stator.

    In that case you need to define two bands for the top and bottom magnet arrangement if you are using 2020 R1 or later, then you can have two bands and two similar motion setups.

    If you are using earlier version - you need to draw two bands top and bottom and connect them using a shaft like arrangement and then unite all those to form a single band.

    The idea is, in any situation your band should not be interfering with the stator or any non moving objects/parts.

    Please check your band definition properly to avoid the stator moving along with the rotor.



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