ERROR: Slave process(es) with rank(s) 17 have aborted

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Hello, everyone!

I use Ansys Mechanical to perform analysis of railroad bridge joint with bolt pretensions. So, when i created my model with all the default settings (bonded and frictional contacts) - everything was fine, calculation was performed. But because of the large number of iterations, i decided to change Normal stiffness to Factor with value "0.5" (i read that it can help to decrease number of iterations). So, now when i perform the Solution, i have a mistake after 56 iteration (close to the Solution ending by the time):

ERROR: Slave process(es) with rank(s) 17 have aborted.

 The information below was gathered from the file*.out output file(s).

 Please review the slave process output file(s) listed below for more

 details on this abort.

 Slave Process Output File .\file17.out:

 Current ANSYS Traceback:








I can't find the ".\file17.out". So, what does it mean and how to solve this problem?


  • akhemkaakhemka Forum Coordinator

    Hi @ValiullinDamir ,

    Did you check the scratch directory for the file? Did you see if the error message is writtern in final output? If the model converges there is no need to change Normal Stiffness Factor (FKN). We try to change FKN when there is convergence issues or lot of chattering of contact - contact status switches frequently between open and close while solving. If chattering is the issue then you may go with FKN = 0.1as well (but contact penetration will increase).

    Please see if above helps.


    Ashish Khemka

  • Hello, @akhemka!

    Yes, i checked dp0/SYS/MECH directory. I found file0.err, where i have:

    1. A lot of messages like: "PRETS179 element maintains its original orientation in a large deformation analysis". But as i know, it is just warning, it can not stop the solution.
    2. "The preconditioned conjugate gradient solver (EQSLV,PCG command) is only available for single-field thermal analyses with unsymmetric matrices. The solver has been reset to SPARSE".  
    3. "Material number 5249 (used by element 29427939) should normally have at least one MP or one TB type command associated with it. Output of energy by material may not be available".
    4. "Table _FIX is an ANSYS reserved table name. It is used to constrain structural degrees of freedom to their current displaced status. This table should not be used for other purposes". This message was the latest, so, maybe the interruption was caused by it?

    Also at dp0/SYS/MECH directory i have file17.dmp, but i dont know how to open it.

    Thanks for your attention!

  • akhemkaakhemka Forum Coordinator

    Hi @ValiullinDamir ,

    The above messages do not seem to be an issue. Can you try recreate the model and run it again? You can use mechanical database to rerun the analysis. In your project folder there should be a SYS.mechdb file for Analysis object that was on the schematic ( the location for .mechdat is indicated in error message). - Make a copy of SYS.mechdb to another folder Rename the copy to SYS.mechdat Create a new Project. File > Import change the extension filter to .MECHDAT Browse to the SYS.mechdat and this for each .mechdb you have.Save the project to a new name/folder when you are done.

    Please comment if this helps.


    Ashish Khemka

  • Hi, @akhemka!

    Unfortunately, it didn't help.

    Can my issue be related to graphics card? I have some troubles with it, so maybe these situations are connected?

  • akhemkaakhemka Forum Coordinator

    Hi @ValiullinDamir ,

    I have no idea if this is a graphics card issue. I am moving this post to Systems to see if graphic card might be the cause of this.


    Ashish Khemka

  • @akhemka, thanks a lot for your help!

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