Mechanical module not getting Named Selections from Space Claim

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I'm trying to optimize a components topology and once I get the optimized body (faceted), I transfer it to Design Validation Sistem. There, in Geometry tab I make some smoothing using Space Claim and there I also make some Named Selections for being able to locate forces later during the static structural analysis.

My problem is that one back in Mechanical, when trying to locate those named selections (changing the scoping method from geometry to named selections) the tab where they are supposed to be is empty.

I checked if using nodal forces instead of regular forces make them appear but they are never shown.

It looks like Space Claim is not exporting that info to mechanical even beeing inside of the same enviroment and project.

Any suggestion of what should I do? I'm using Ansys 19.2



  • Hi,

    That is a bit strange. When you open Mechanical after creating the Named Selections in SpaceClaim, do you see those Named Selections in the Tree Outline? Can you show your schematic in the Workbench? Do you only have one system or do you have multiple systems linked to each other?


  • Hi, thanks for answering.

    No, Named selections created in Space Claim are not showed in tree outline at Mechanical. I've already solved the force alocation problem (it was that force/moment do not support elements as scope) but named selections from space claim are not showing. However, if I create them from mechanical (some annoying time selecting facets) they are shown and fully functional. My tree at workbench is a static structural, followed by topology optimisation fully linked to it and its result linked to design validation (another static structural), just this tree. The simplest way I think....

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