Understanding Mass Transfer Mechanism in Fluent

I want to understand the diffusion of oxygen into water flowing past a flat plate. I have been able to get physically meaningful results for hydrodynamics but I am still trying to understand the correct way to simulate the mass transfer process.

I have used VOF model with water as secondary phase and oxygen gas as primary phase to simulate hydrodynamics. As the next step, which is Mass Transfer I realized that I will need to use Species Transport. to do that I used same VOF model w/ Energy and Species transport. It is my understanding that I will have to define multi-component mixtures when using Species Transport model. My doubts are as follows-

  1. How to define the mixture templates(No. of species to be included) and what mass fraction to specify at the inlets?
  2. Will each phase need to have a mixture or just a simple fluid like liquid or gas?
  3. WiIl I need to define a source term in species transport to account for mass transfer mechanism or use a UDF like DEFINE_MASS-Transfer or its Linearized Version?
  4. Based on the my understanding, the convective diffusion and Fick's Diffusion is accounted for by Species Transport model but in the literature some people have used source term to account for mass transfer and some have used Mass Transfer UDF. What is the correct approach?

Can someone please help?


Shitiz Sehgal


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