Materialdata for cylindrical Honeycomb

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Hello, i searched for a solution to create materialdata for a cylindrical Honeycomb-body. I found some topics about this for plain structrures

But none for cylindrical Structures. I would like to know if it is possible to create a new polar coordinate system in the material library to define the chracteristics or if there is another idea.

Thanks for your support.


  • apwangapwang CaliforniaPosts: 46Member


    In defining material, use x axis as radial axis, y axis as angular axis and z axis as longitudinal axis.

    Then, in Mechancial, each element has a coordinate system to evaluate the material model. If the material is in terms of a cylindrical coordinate system then we can change the elements (part) to have the same coordinate system and not worry about a transformation. So first define the coordinate system. Then change the part(s) properties to use that coordinate system:And as a good check you can use this result to plot the coordinate system triad for each element.


  • ramgopisettiramgopisetti Posts: 102Member

    Hi @KnHw , Have you tried using thr Material Designer, it is one of the best way to model the Microstructural properties. Just make an unit model of the cylindrical HC model and use the Material Designer to evaluate the E(XX,YY,ZZ) and G(XX,YY,ZZ) this can work if you are in static regime,

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