Materialdata for cylindrical Honeycomb

KnHwKnHw Member

Hello, i searched for a solution to create materialdata for a cylindrical Honeycomb-body. I found some topics about this for plain structrures

But none for cylindrical Structures. I would like to know if it is possible to create a new polar coordinate system in the material library to define the chracteristics or if there is another idea.

Thanks for your support.


  • apwangapwang CaliforniaMember


    In defining material, use x axis as radial axis, y axis as angular axis and z axis as longitudinal axis.

    Then, in Mechancial, each element has a coordinate system to evaluate the material model. If the material is in terms of a cylindrical coordinate system then we can change the elements (part) to have the same coordinate system and not worry about a transformation. So first define the coordinate system. Then change the part(s) properties to use that coordinate system:And as a good check you can use this result to plot the coordinate system triad for each element.


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