Overset Meshing

PierceHPierceH Member

Attached is two meshes for the same aerofoil - one is an O grid (green) which is great however, the expansion of the wake means it is difficult to use for farfiedl integration so instead I want to use the wake of the C-grid (black). These grids have been created using external software and imported to fluent. Is it possible to create an overset such that the nice wake of the black grid can be overset onto the green one and can soemone point me in the right direction if so?




  • kkourbatkkourbat Forum Coordinator

    You can utilize the overset mesh capability in Ansys Fluent. Please refer to Sec. 6.6. Overset Meshes of 2020 Fluent User Guide. You can also search the web for "overset mesh ansys fluent" which will bring up quite a few materials and video tutorials.

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